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Apartment Reviews for The Rainier Apartments in Ogden

4.8 | 53 Reviews

3757 Grant Ave, Ogden, UT, 84405
(801) 627-2413

See what other people are saying about our apartments located in Ogden! At The Rainier Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know! We appreciate the feedback, good or bad.

Wes Espinoza

We have done work for Kenzie and her team, they are awesome. They have all been easy to communicate with. I would definitely recommend The Rainier.
Sterling Dusterhoft

McKenzie is the best! Her communication, professionalism, and ability to help me solve problems is always so helpful!
Vanessa Benitez

Dan is such a great maintenance guy he keeps my apartment up to date and is always looking for ways to improve this location. I can always count on him to get the job done fast and correctly. The office staff is always nice and helpful.
Sierra Gonzales

The people who work in the leasing office were really professional and nice, specifically McKenzie. She was attentive and patient while answering all of my questions. Property was nice and the office was quick to respond to any communications.
Austin Athay

Very Clean place with a very reliable and communicative staff. Great place to live.
Felipe Gutierrez

This is long overdue but well deserved. I've lived at the Rainier (formerly The Villa South) apartments for about 2 years now and there's a reason I did and will renew my lease. Mostly because I feel like more than a tenant or a unit number here. I feel like an individual and a human who's quality of life matters and the management team here understands and respects that. They do their best to make my stay the best by being welcoming and helpful being that their such a huge role in a major part of my life which is where I live. I haven't gotten to know the newer lady all that well but my interactions with her have been pleasant. I have however gotten to know McKenzie rather well and she's always professional personable and kind. I would be lying if I said I've never had a problem here as with any place things come up. With that being said I've never had a problem with management and even better yet whatever problems may have come up McKenzie has always been prompt and sincere in helping resolve any issues and sincere and compassionate in her words and actions with anything that needs addressed. Truth be told when I do find my self running into the Management and Maintenance teams it feels like they themselves are neighbors or even friends. They've always got a smile and take time to really get to know the residents. This is my first renting experience but boy has the bar been set high. This is a review as much as it is a thank you to all the staff here at The Rainier and all that they do!
Maggie Linares

Good evening Mackenzie Lisa I hope you had a great Thanksgiving hope you have a best Christmas we just want to let you know how good you are on these apartments and the maintenance working are the best they're number one Uno I recently feel a nice 🙂 I'm nicely review since you're not in on the weekends online I'm not in and my daughter works so I know you can get it off this we heard from Miss Martinez and Mr Lopez
i need him like a heart need a beat Lopez

Great 3 BEDROOM apt with great management cozy with central air and with a cozy patio you can not go wrong. with great management that alway's work hard, i'm greatful for my cozy apt
Kami Singleton

Love the management team and maintenance team. Always there when needed no questions asked!
Stefano Nunez

The leadership is great and I had a good experience moving into villa south with Kenzie super friendly and that I would definitely recommend this place to everyone!!
Carson Campbell

Great experience and all around good feedback.
Destinee Roberts

McKenzie in the office is so nice and is extremely helpful.

Verified Resident

Had a great experience in the leasing office. Kenzie help me so much with all my questions
Hayley Bickers

We just moved in! And so far it's amazing♡ McKenzie is so sweet in the office, she always emails back fast and helped us get into our apartment in a timely fashion. Definitely recommend living here ❤
Skyler Goodman

Love renting here management is always friendly. McKenzie And Brandon are always nice when I need a work order done!
Xander Rose

Wonderful spacious two bedroom apartment! Bigger than I thought, I'm very happy with it! Close to shops, food, and the mall.
Benedict Hamm

Wonderful spacious two bedroom apartments. I love my location and how easy it was to get my bills set up! 10/10 would recommend

Verified Resident

McKenzie and Brandon are extremely nice! They are super friendly. They take care of us tenants and willing to go above and beyond. McKenzie makes us feel like we are family and Brandon is an great manager. They are a great team and we love living at villa south!
Cindy Petersen

McKenzie and Brandon were amazing and super friendly and willing to go above and beyond for their tenants. I highly recommend Villa South apartments. I also love the fact I can walk to Macy’s and get my groceries.
Abraham McCormick

The management (Brandon and Mckenzie) are wonderful. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional. They go above and beyond. The apartments are great too. I would highly recommend!
Tina checketts

I love living here! Management is great! the neighbors are so friendly and nice, there is plenty of wide open parking, the pool is great to use in the summer. It honestly has been one of the best location places that I've lived in.
John Stephens

This has been my home of record for 5 years and I have no needs or wants to move to a different residence. The rent prices are very reasonable. The security is top notch, as south ogden police patrol here quite frequently which is a civil deterrent for the un wanted. The MAINTENANCE department is very reliable and the property management do a fantastic job in all there administrative dutie. Sincerely john I STEPHENS Us army and and airforce vet
Cameron Ford

I Love these apartments! My wife and I were needing a place to live and these guys were very helpful throughout the entire process! It is an amazing apartment! We love how spacious it is! It is in a great area with quite a bit of parking! It is close to a lot of main roads but not on one so it is really nice on that as well! 10/10 best apartment I have lived!
Lana Adams

I lived here for a year and I really liked it. My apartment was nice. Everything you need is close buy. From grocery store, to Big lots to dining out..
Felipe Mederos Gutierrez

The Villa South has been a wonderful first time apartment experience! The management team Kenzie and Brandon make you feel at home, and will go above and beyond to be helpful. Making sure you're happy. While at the same time being very professional and polite yet personable. My neighbors are respectful and pleasant to interact with. Life is good at the Villa South.
Braxton Petersen

Great experience with villa south’s management they are amazing if they had something available in my time of need I would of for sure went with them highly recommend!!👍
Karma Groesbeck

The apartments are spacious and the community is super friendly. The best part is not only the low price but also the management treats you like family. Best place I have ever lived.
Hayden Lee

Great place to live! Affordable, and McKenzie and Brandon in the office are absolutely wonderful. So kind and patient, and willing to go the extra mile. Have honestly never had a better experience with a leasing office. The apartments themselves are well thought out and spacious. I have called maintenance for one small fix, and he was awesome as well, and made sure it got taken care of properly.

Verified Resident

Love McKenzie and Brandon very respectfully and doing a great job Ilove where I live. Comfortable living. Great job with the new updates thank you to the owners.
Pamela Bedel

Have lived here for some years now. I love were I live. management has been awesome. With all the new things coming to our community will be very enjoyable living.
Beverly Reichow

I have lived here at the Villa South Apartments now for four years And I have had the pleasure of meeting The managers that have Managed these apartments over the last few years. But I must say it was not until recentlyThat I have been truly impressed. Kenzie and Brandon have come in And taken completely over and have done such an awesome job With maintaining This property. I have had the honors in meeting them both and I felt thier genuine concerns and compassion for us tenants almost immediately. In the past I have had a hard time in getting things fixed. Replaced in my apartment. I honestly was not able to get anything done correctly with the prior maintenance. But with our new management and maintenance crew They have come right in and addressed the problems I wS having and did not leaVe my until it was properly fixed. Kenzie & Brandon are truly an awesome team. They care about us tenants and will go the extra mile to make sure our needs are taken care of. They don't only care about maintaining the units here at villa south but they are just as concerned about maintaining the grounds. Which is very impressive because the grounds here in the past was a great concern being that these apartments are pet friendly. It feels great to be able to have a relationship with management To be able to address your concerns and personal situations and know that they will make sure things get taken care of. I love my 2 bdrm apartments. And with the caring and perfesional management like we have now I plan on living here at the villa south for many more years to come. Thanks Brandon & Kenzie for all you do for us. 🥰
beverly reichow

Verified Resident

When I applied for these apartments 4 years ago I was told by the management that it would be an easy process and it was. I was called immediately. Over the years Management has always been professional and welcoming. I absolutely love my apartment. Villa south now has new Managers Kenzie and Brandon and I must say they have been incredibly helpful with all of my needs here. They genuinely care about the residence here and go the extra mile in making sure our apartments our being maintained. The whole staff here at Villa South are amazing and friendly. I am truly impressed with how management makes the efforts in keeping the grounds maintained. I plan on living here for many more years to come.
Aleisya Castro

Im new to utah and this is the first place I applied and I got in so quick. It took 2 days and I was able to moved in. The apartment is very spacious and remodeled so nice and its quiet. The young lady Kenzie and young man Brandon are so awesome!! Highly recommend living here!!

I think that the new management that has taken over is great. They seem like they are really getting things done and have resolved any issues I've had. I'm excited to see the upcoming changes once the weather gets nice again! I'm hoping the pool re-opens!
Kayleigh Navarro

I love Villa south Nice people nice the maintenance man & the office Lady are way nice. They main tain the area. And keep everything nice and clean. I definitely recommend gettin a place here.
Raisin el

I couldn't ask for better people than the ladies in the office..I need something fixed..boom it's done...I just need someone to chat at...they always lend an ear..the apartment is clean and very big for a reasonable rate..the best part is if you have a problem the office will work with you and genuinely care..I would go higher than 5 stars if I could because they are that awesome!!!
Tiffany Hoyt

Me and my family have been here for about 4 months, and i havent had a single problem. Aside from some rowdy teenagers which is pretty normal anywhere. The management and the maintenance people have always been nice and considerate.
Nancy Griggs

I can’t believe the bad reviews on here, because this property is absolutely amazing. First the management is incredible. They care about each and every one of their tenants and go above and beyond for everyone, even when the tenants are pretty hard to handle. They care so much about the people on the property. Maintenance is very hard working and takes care of any complaints and broken appliances they have. The apartments are super cute and roomy. I have had nothing but good experiences with this complex and I recommend them to anyone looking for a quiet, well taken care of property. 5 stars all around for sure!
Tessla Moon

Iv never lived in apartments before so this was a little different for me but the ladies in the office were absolutely amazing they got all my paper work done fast and easy & helped me with anything I needed help with the maintenance guys came and fixed some things I noticed the same day I got my keys ! Reading all these bad reviews is shocking 😳 I cannot believe how rude some people can be when something doesn’t go there way anyways over all Iv had an amazing experience living here & we love the offices ladies!
Chrystal Vittori

I wasn't going to write a review because it's not something I normally do, but I saw some of the negative reviews about these apartments. I just wanted to say that in my experience these ladies went above and beyond , there is a complex I won't say where but they put all of the residents out basically they are going to tear down the building so people who lived in these apartments have been there for several years some of them and now all of a sudden they had to find a new place to live .I will tell you that the ladies that work in the office went out of their way to make the transition to a new home was as easy as possible on the residences that decided to move to Villa South. That being said like any apartment complex under New Management it takes time to work out all of the kinks, I think the problem with people today is that they expect respect but don't think that they have to give it to receive it . Just my two cents keep up the good work ladies!
David Davenport

Helpful, friendly, and quick to help when needed. The apartments are spacious and whenever I need anything fixed it was completed in a timely manner.
Danielle Farley

They are under new management give them a chance and pick up your trash behind you as well the yard is not a dump site